Greener Living

Save Energy & Cost

We are committed to ensure good standards of operational ethics so that as a sustainable organisation we can fulfil our responsibilities. We understand the importance of corporate social responsibility , sustainability and its impact on enviroment and people around us.

Our contribution towards sustainability  is to reduce the amount of electronics waste through our operations to minimise the negative impact of landfill on enviroment. We encourage our customers to be part of it and play their role.  We recycle redundant devices and consumer electronics which could potentially end up in landfill and harm mother nature if not disposed of properly.

Our device value recycle program enables electronics users to recycle and reuse electronics device so cost can be saved and enviroment can be protected from hazardous material.  We currently recycle large percentage of electronics we receive and small number of devices which cannot be restored to reusable condition are distributed to responsible component recovery partners. During component recovery process working parts are taken out and resold to industrial client or end-users. Faulty components are either repaired or supplied to End of Life-Cycle Recycling organisation where raw material can be reused. We aim to reduce percentage of non-reusable devices to less than 5%.

We currently reuse / recycle 80% of our packing materiel for our distribution. We reuse packing boxes and consume other packaging material to reduce impact on nature and save trees.

Our Buyback programme for charities is to financially support such organisations working for the betterment of communities and less fortune people in the society. We acquire donated /redundant electronics from these organisation and pay value for them , we potentially help them to continue their projects and help communities.

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