Thanks for visiting frequently asked Questions Page, this to help you find an answer to your common questions. If you don’t find an answer to any of your question or need assistance please contact us:

Email: contact@recyclemadeeasy.com   Tel: 08003689984*
Monday-Sat: 9am-7pm (*Free Calls from BT Line)

Our team member will happily assist you.

Q: How do I sell online?

A: To sell online just click on “Sell” Button or go the home page and enter your make and model into the search bar, select your product, chose condition, network and proceed further.  Enter your personal detail and payment preferences. Find the suitable option to send your device to us. You can print FreePost Labels to save time or request Free sales pack to arrive at your address. Just follow instruction provided in the email or sales pack.

Q: How can I sell via Trade-In store?

A: We have trade-in partner stores at various locations where you can sell your device, just go to; www.recyclemadeeasy.com/tradeinstore and search for a store near you. Pop in with your device and proof of identification (it could be your passport, full driving licence, if you have provisional licence we may require one more proof of address document such as bank statement or a utility bill, don’t worry protection of your data is important to us

Q: What condition should my phone be to sell?

We accept working and faulty phones, but they must meet some simple criteria to be accepted:

Working Device

  • “Like New” devices must be in pristine condition with all accessories & no engraving on it.
  • “Good Condition” devices should have minor wear and tear not heavily worn or cosmetic.
  • Poor devices are accepted with moderate to heavy wear and tear
  • All must power up
  • Hardware and Software be fully functional
  • Have no screen or case damage
  • Have no missing components or damaged buttons
  • Have no water damage
  • If it’s a Mobile phones it must be on UK network

Non-working / Faults phones / devices must:

  • Not be crushed or bent
  • Have no components missing

We at our discretion we may also accept;

  • Water damaged devices
  • won’t power up/work properly
  • Have a damaged screen, case or buttons
  • Has one or more faults
  • Broken Touch Screen
  • Broken LCD

We don’t buy phones/device that are crushed or bent and/or have missing components but you can request FreePost Recycle pack online or from your nearest store and post to us. We will recycle them for you. You will not be paid for this device.

Q: What devices can I sell?

We buy wide range of electronic device brands including:

Apple, Samsung, HTC, Sony, Nokia, LG, BlackBerry, Doro Phone, Huawei, ZTE Mobiles phones and;

  • Smart phones
  • Tablets e.g. IPads
  • Computers
  • Gaming Consoles
  • Gaming CDs/ DVDs
  • Gaming Accessories e.g. controllers


Q: How do I find model of my phone or device?

A: To find the model you need to look at the back of your phone or remove the back cover of device and look under the battery. You may find this information by going to Setting and then About or Device Info and look for model information. You can search this model number on web to find the device details.

Q: What is IMEI or Serial Number and how to find?

A: IMEI number is a unique 15 digit number which is used to recognise the device. To find the IMEI number of your device dial    * # 06 #   on your device and it will appear on screen.  Serial Number is also a unique number which may include alphabets, numeric or symbol. To find serial number look at the bottom of device along with barcode label. It can be found in Setting and then Device Info.

Q: My phones / device is locked to a network, can I still sell it?

A: Yes you can even if it’s locked to any UK network SIM Card. Each network has different price. Price variation is due to the fact that some devices have less resale value if are locked.

Q: How do I know what network my device is on or what is Network Lock?

A: If you have bought a contract device / mobile usually the phone will be locked to that network. If you are not in contact then the phone should be unlocked unless it was purchased locked to a network provider. Network lock means your phone / device will only able to work on one particular SIM Card and you cannot use another SIM card to make calls.

Q: Do I get more value if my phone/device is unlocked?

A: If your device / phone is unlocked you can get more value. If you wish to your device from your network provider then you will need to call your network provider or check their website for more information.

Q: How do I remove User account / iCloud Account and Erase Personal Data?

For Apple Mobile / Device

If your apple device has active user account / iCloud Account we cannot proves payment. Ensure you delete all of your Data and remove your iCloud Account.

You can do this by following these simple steps from your device:

Go to Settings/ Select General / Select Reset / Select Erase all Content and Settings

Confirm to Remove all data and settings / Enter your Apple ID Password and Select Erase

If you’re unable to remove your account from the device then please remove it from online by following simple steps below:

Go to http://www.icloud.com and enter your Apple ID and password.

Select Find my IPhone / Select All Devices and select your device from the list.

Go back to the Devices list and click the Cross next to your Device.

Remove iPhone? Click Remove.

You have now removed Find My iPhone. Do not switch the device back on.

For Samsung Devices

Go to Setting and then Accounts and Remove your Account.

All other Android Phones or Electronics Devices 

Please go to settling and reset device to factory defaults to remove all account and user data.

Q: How can I deactivate / remove my account if device faulty or broken?

A: If you cannot access due to a fault or its broken. You can still remove iCloud account just follow above instruction.

Q: I forget to remove iCloud account / user data but have sent my device

Don’t worry follow instruction provided in “How do I remove User account” answer.

For Apple Device: if the Activation Lock is not removed then we will be able to process your device for offered price. You may request return as per our terms, we will return it to you free of cost.

Q: How do I find my Apple ID or Samsung Account ID?

Apple Device: visit http://www.apple.com/uk/support/appleid/

Samsung Device: http://www.samsung.com/us/support/answer/ANS00045331/

Important:  Backup and Removing SIM or Memory Cards

Make sure you back up of your personal data stored on device such as photos, music or videos if you wish to do so. Also do not forget to remove your SIM card and memory card.  If you wish to send us memory card please ensure you have deleted all your files from it. You can do that but restoring phones to Factory Defaults and Wiping your memory card. Please note we destroy all SIM cards remain in the device and wipe memory cards and device we receive and will not be held liable.

Q: How do I know what the memory size of my device is?

For Apple Device: Go to Settings/General/About /Capacity, where you will be able see the number of GB available for storage on your iPhone. It always shows up to 10% lower than actual storage for example if it’s 16GB it may show 11.80% this is because operating system is pre-installed which take some of the storage.

For other Devices: Go to Setting / About / Memory

Or   :    Go to Setting / Storage. For more info check manufacturer manual or lookup online.

Q: How do I know if my order is confirmed?

A: You will be sent a confirmation email with order details soon you checkout.

Q: Where I can find my order number?

A: Order number can be found in your order confirmation email. Please check your mail box and Junk Mail. You can also check order details via logging into your account at www.recyclemadeeasy.com/my-account/ .

Q: How do I print Freepost?

A: Free Postage label can be printed from your order confirmation email or by logging in to your account by clicking on Print Free Postage Labe button.

Q: What do I do with Free Pre-Paid Sales Pack?

A: Soon as you receive free pre-paid sales pack just place your device in the pack and follow the provided instruction how to do this. Then you will need to take this pack to post office and obtain proof of postage and tracking number, its Free Service you don’t need to pay to them. Please keep proof of postage safe.

Our free post service has insurance of device up to £50 only. If your device value is more than £50 we recommend using Special Delivery service (you pay the postage). This service is includes insurance up to £500. For more info visit Royal Mail Website; http://www.royalmail.com/personal/uk-delivery/special-delivery .

Q: What I need to send with my device?

A: If you are selling mobile phone you may send accessories such as charge plug or charging cable with device but that will not increase the value of device. If you are selling gaming console or a laptop you will need to send charger and power cable with it.

Q: What should I not send with my device?

A:  You should not send your SIM Card with device to us. We destroy all SIM cards if we receive with device. You may also keep your memory card if you wish. If you are sending memory card to us you will need to wipe it and erase all your data. As part of our recycling process we wipe all memory cards and devices.

Q: How do I inform you that I have posted the device?

You need to provide us tracking number provided to you by Post Office. You can do that by logging into your account at www.recyclemadeeasy.com/my-account/ , click on orders, find where is says submit tracking, enter details and submit. So we can we can track the parcel to speed up the process.

Q: Can I send my device through any Post Office branch?

A: Yes, you can visit any Post Office Branch to send you device if you are sending through our FreePost. Please note post office timing may be different in different areas.

Q: Where I can send my Device/Phone ?

A: We receive deliveries at the following address:


Universal Green Tech Ltd

Gsm Green Unit, 11-21A Clayton Road, Hayes Middlesex UB3 1AX UK

We are closed on Weekend and Public / Bank Holidays.

Q: How do I check if you have received my device?

A: Soon we receive your device we will update the stats of device as “received”, which can be viewed by logging into your account. You will also receive an email telling you that we have received your device. Please note delivery of device depends on third party such as Royal Mail and may take longer to arrive with us and we are not responsible for delay.

Q: How to check my order status?

A: Login to my account www.recyclemadeeasy.com/my-account/ click on orders where you can see the status of your order.

Q: Can I cancel my order?

A: Yes, You can cancel your order during the “cooling off” period which is 7 days from the date you place the order and if we have not processed your order yet (subject to our terms and conditions). You can check your order status by logging into your account. If we wish to cancel the order within cooling off period you need to send us written request to; contact@recyclemadeeasy.com . We will return your device for free within 7 days of return request. Also if you are not happy with our price we offer you after inspection we will return the device.

If you have placed the order but haven’t yet posted your device, you may change your mind and choose not to send it. If you’ve already posted your device to us, you won’t be able to cancel the order after 7 days period.  If you’ve sent us a different device to the one we valued, the price we offer you will no longer be valid.

Q: My pre-paid package hasn’t arrived. What can I do?

A: Free Postage-paid / sales pack can take up to 5 working days to arrive. If you still haven’t received it after this time, give us a call us 020 8982 3532 or send an email: contact@recyclemadeeasy.com Provide us your order number and we’ll send you another one.

Q: How do I pack electronics device/phone using my own packing?  

A:  If you have printed label online you will need own packing just make sure it’s well packed to avoid being damaged during transit. Use packing material such as bubble wrap or other protective bags. If you are sending tablet such as iPad please ensure you reasonably thick protective layer of packaging on display and all around so it can be prevented from being damaged. Place the Postage Label outside the pack and don’t forget to inset your order confirmation sheet inside the package. Please note we accept no liability if your device get damaged in post. If that happens you may claim to Royal Mail for damage cause to your device, keeping in mind our free postage service covers up to £50 insurance value. You may use Special Delivery service or other insured delivery from any currier if your device has higher value. You will need to pay for special delivery.

Q: How many devices can I send in one sales pack?

A: You can send up to 2 devices in one pack. If you have more than two devices please let us know via email or calling help telephone number we will send another for you.

Q: What happens to my device?

All devices are checked against the information you submitted to us. If there isn’t any issues (e.g. wrong model, incorrect or incomplete information, pricing, ownership etc.).  We will process and pay for it, data is wiped, devices is restored to factory default

Q: What I need to do if I have been informed that my device/ phones is blocked or reported lost/stolen?

A: We check all devices on CheckMEND Database which holds record of blocked, lost or stolen devices. If we told you that your device has “red flag” on database that means your device may have been blocked by your network service provider, have possible ownership dispute or blocked by insurance company. We do not buy phones reported lost or stolen or are subject to insurance claim. If a mobile/ device has red flag we must retain it for 28 days as legal requirement. The purpose of this is to prevent trade of device(s) may potentially be stolen. This will provide you opportunity to clear the status of device by contacting relevant individual/organisation such as network service provider or insurance company. If you are rightful owner of device please contact ChekMEND remove “Red Flag”. We under no circumstances can return the device to you as this is required by law. If the status of device is not changed to “green” within 28 days that means not yet released from any bar /sale restrictions then we will dispose of it and you will not be paid. Please note in this case we are required to pass on seller’s details to law enforcement authorities. You will need to cooperate with them if they contact you.

For more info visit CheckMEND website below:


Q: How will I be paid for my device?

A: If we are satisfied with all details and trade in is successful you will be paid by your chosen method. We pay via Bank Transfer, PayPal or by Cheque.  If you wish to receive payment via PayPal you will need a PayPal account also PayPal may charge a free to receive money. For more info please visit https://www.paypal.com/us/webapps/mpp/how-to-use-paypal

Q: How long does it take to get paid?

A: Most sellers get paid same day we receive device however payment processing may be delayed if there is an issue. After payment is processed it may take 2-5 days to appear in your account depending on your bank or financial institution. PayPal payments are sometimes.

Q: How do I know if I have been paid?

A: Online customer receive an email when they get paid. If you did not receive an email you can login to your online account and click or orders and see if the status is changed to “paid”. Which means your payment has been processed.

Q: How can I change my account details?

A: You will need to login to your account and click on update details, enter your new details and submit. To login click: http://www.recyclemadeeasy.com/my-account/

Q: I forgot my account password change I reset?

A: Go to My Account, click on “Lost our password” and follow instruction.


  • It is recommended to keep your order confirmation saved on your PC or take a printout.
  • You can print Free Prepaid labels from your order confirmation email to send the device to us.
  • Make sure you remove all passwords and screen locks from your device
  • Erase your data by resetting it to factory defaults otherwise as part of our recycling process we wipe data of all device.
  • Don’t forget to remove your sim card and any memory cards in the device